5 SEO Tips to Survive The Current Economic Downturn


During this bleak economic climate, where many businesses are going online to target wider range of customers, the competition among the websites is getting acute everyday. However, you can build your online visibility even in the tough competitive industry and economic slow down once you understand the potential of search engine optimization and hiring affordable SEO services for your marketing campaign.

Some effective ways of surviving the recession with SEO are discussed bellow.

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Organic SEO Outperforms Paid Listing

Recession has significantly affected the purchasing power of many internet users across the world. Therefore, the number of people looking for different products and services through the search engines has reduced considerably. In such a scenario, it is not worth spending money to get visibility through paid listings. On the other hand, the organic SEO techniques can dramatically change the performance of your website in the search engines. It may take time to get visibility, but, will definitely help you build credibility.

Customized SEO Packages

With the financial slowdown hitting every business, hiring SEO service provider and spending for online marketing has become difficult for many business owners. Keeping in mind the situation, it can be said that the SEO packages of many SEO companies are expensive to hire. Even the SEO service providers have realized the situation. Hence, they have made certain changes in their services and started giving customized SEO packages to survive the recession. You can hire these affordable SEO services that are prepared according to the specific needs of your business.

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Streamlining your SEO strategies

Giving a right direction to your online marketing campaign is crucial for your online business. Even though you are hiring cost-effective SEO services, you need to be careful about the strategies that they have prepared for the SEO campaign. Be particular about the selection of article or press release directories and submission to those sites. It is also crucial to give a twist to the way of your link building campaign. For instance, instead of searching thousands of article directories for submission, you can pick some of the selected and reputed directories and submit new articles regularly.

Doing Away with Paid Directories

Generally, the SEO service providers give sort to both paid and free directories to get more number of backlinks to the client’s website. Contributing to the process of cost cutting, that you are doing by hiring affordable SEO services, choose only those directories where you can submit the articles or press releases without spending a penny.

Content Spinning

Content is the key part of your website and play a crucial role in the SEO campaign. Your link building campaigns such as article submission or press release submission require numerous articles or press releases recurrently. With the search engines reducing the value of links that come from duplicate content, your article marketing is of no value if you are submitting the same article in different directories. As creating new content for different directories is practically difficult and expensive, the cost-effective solution is article spinning. You can also get affordable content writing services along with cost-effective SEO services that can give a twist to your original article to make it appear new with its meaning and SEO value still intact.